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My PhD is a semi-continuation of my first miniproject tracking kinetochores attached to chromosomes in mitotic cells. I will be using the same image analysis program making my own major modifications to allow multi-channel tracking of spindle pole positions as well as inner and outer kinetochore plate position. I will in parallel to this be developing a triple-stable HeLa cell line expressing fluorescent markers for the inner and outer kinetochore plates as well as the spindle poles. I will then be analysing the results and building physical/statistical mathematical models of the chromosome oscillations.

More details and images/movies to follow soon.

Video showing Hela cells with tagged Eb3 - a microtubule plus-tip tracker and CenpA - an inner kinetochore component. This cell line can be used to investigate microtubule engagement with kinetochores during metaphase.


Dr. Andrew McAinsh, Centre for Mechanochemical Cell Biology, Warwick Medical School.

Dr. Nigel Burroughs, Warwick Systems Biology Centre.