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Nikolas Burkoff

Academic Background

  • BA Mathematics, Selwyn College Cambridge
  • MSc Scientific Computing, University of Warwick

PhD Description

I am beginning the final year of my PhD entitled, "Analysing Protein Energetics with Stochastic Computation". I am working alongside Csilla Várnai investigating protein structure prediction techniques. My supervisor is Prof. David Wild and my funding was provided by the Leverhulme Trust.


  • Exploring the Energy Landscapes of Protein Folding Simulations with Bayesian Computation. N. S. Burkoff, C. Várnai, S. A. Wells and D. L. Wild. Biophysical Journal 102: 878-886, (2012)
  • Predicting protein β-sheet contacts using a maximum entropy-based correlated mutation measure. N. S. Burkoff, C. Várnai and D. L. Wild. Bioinformatics 29(5) 580-587, (2013)
  • Efficient Parameter Estimation of Generalizable Coarse-Grained Protein Force Fields Using Contrastive Divergence: A Maximum Likelihood Approach. C. Várnai, N.S.Burkoff and D.L.Wild J. Chem. Theory Comput. 9(12)5718-5733, (2013)

Current Research

I am currently collaborating with Rob Baldock and Gábor Csányi at the University of Cambridge continuing our research into nested sampling for atomic systems

More details to follow soon