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Caroline Montgomery

My PhD is on the subject of peptide assembly: from fundamental interactions to new materials and biochemical relevance. I am supervised by Dr.Giovanni Costantini, Dr. Matthew Hicks, Professor Alison Rodger and Professor Mark Rodger. For more information please see my webpage. During my PhD I have been to several courses and conferences, and I have helped supervise projects and demonstrated labs, details of which are on this page.

Before starting my PhD I completed an MSc in Mathematical Biology and Biophysical Chemistry as part of the MOAC DTC. This consisted of three projects in the following areas: thermoresponsive polymers, calcium carbonate, and the Ostreococcus circadian clock.

My undergraduate degree was at the University of Manchester in physics with theoretical physics. I completed a dissertation in my final year, supervised by Professor Shude Mao, on the subject of quantum computers and more specifically different types of qubits. I also completed a project modelling the expansion of a sphere of electrons using Monte Carlo methods in C++ which was supervised by Dr. Hywel Owen.