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MSc in Mathematical Biology and Biophysical Chemistry

Taught Modules

The MSc course consisted of 6 months of taught modules, for which I averaged 74%.

Handouts for my CH925 presentation are available here, as are the MATLAB codes.

Mini Project 1

I worked with Dr. Magnus Richardson, in the Theoretical Neuroscience Group (TNG), with an aim to derive stochastic mathematical models, incorporating Gaussian White Noise, which describe synaptic depression in a network of neurons.
This was assessed by a thesis and viva, for which I earned 72%.

Mini Project 2

I worked with Dr. Andrew McAinsh, part of the Centre for Mechanochemical Cell Biology (CMCB), to build our understanding of how CENP-Q, one of many proteins completing the kinetochore (k-chore) complex in the cell, binds to microtubules (MTs). Spinning disk confocal imaging and fluorescently-tagged proteins allowed us to observe MTs nucleating both proximally and distally from k-chores.
This was assessed by way of poster and technical PowerPoint presentation, earning 81%.

Mini Project 3

I have been working with Prof. Alison Rodger, part of the Biophysical Chemistry group, Julia Smith and George McLeod, mass spectrometry (MS) specialists working for Brüker Daltonics in Tile Hill, Coventry, to characterise whether ion mobility spectrometry (IMS), coupled with MS, can distinguish inaccuracies in folding of tertiary and/or quarternary structure. I have approached this investigation firstly by breaking multimers into smaller multimers and measuring their IMS-MS spectra, also breaking disulphide bonds in monomeric proteins to test any difference.
This was assessed in the form of a journal manuscript and non-technical PowerPoint presentation, for which I earned 71%.