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Computational MiniProject: Automated Docking of Chemical Ligands to Protein Receptors

The aim: To produce a high-throughput protocol to screen a library of chemical compounds against a protein, and then use this protocol to produce some putative ligands for chemical synthesis and screening.

Poster and Presentation (click to download):

mp1-poster-screenshot.png mp1-presentation-screenshot.png

Biological MiniProject: Functional Purinergic Signalling in Epithelial Cells of the Proximal Nephron

The aim: To establish the effect of TGFbeta on the production of purinoreceptors and connexins, and establish their effect on the evoked Calcium response in cells and the paracrine signalling between them.

Thesis (click to download):


BioPhysical Chemistry MiniProject: RNA helicase inhibitors

The aim: To produce a small library of chemical ligands in the organic chemistry laboratory and test their plaque-forming activity on HEP2 cells, having been infected with virus.

Embargoed until patent has been granted.