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Gareth Price


About me

Most recently I have finished the MSc course, Mathematical Biology and Biophysical Chemistry, in MOAC DTC, earning a distinction, and am currently starting my PhD. Before MOAC, I graduated from Warwick university in 2012 with an upper second class BSc degree in Biochemistry. At the end of my undergraduate degree I completed a dissertation at the Centre for Mechanochemical Cell Biology (CMCB), producing, imaging and studying microtubule proteins. As part of the MSc course in MOAC, I completed three miniprojects in three distinct catergories: Computational, Experimental Biology and Biophyiscal Chemistry. These are described here.

Outside of academia, I am a keen musician, playing with the University Big Band and the University of Warwick Chamber Choir. I have also played in many MTW (Music Theatre Warwick) shows, and been involved with various smaller singing and performing groups around Warwick.


I have recently started my PhD with Dr. Paul Squires, Dr. Isaac Liu and Dr Claire Hills as part of the Diabetes and Endocrinology Research Group. In the PhD, I am developing nanotechnology and bio-sensing techniques that aid in novel single-cell-based diagnoses, focussing largely on diabetic nephropathy.

Publications and Published Abstracts

3. Martucci, S., Price, G. W., Marsh, A., Napier, R., Singer, D. Purification and inhibition studies of the calcium independent phospholipase A2β orthologue patatin isolated from Solanum tuberosum. Proceedings of the British Pharmacological Society [Abstract, note error on website- I am not on the main author list but am an author!]

2. Price, G. W., Liu, K.-K., Hills, C. E., & Squires, P. E. Glucose-evoked transforming growth factor reduces connexin and purinergic signalling in proximal tubule-derived epithelial cells. Diabetic Medicine, 31, 28–73. (2014). doi:10.1111/dme.12378 [Abstract]

1. Price, G. W., Gould, P. S. & Marsh, A. Use of Freely Available and Open Source Tools for In Silico Screening in Chemical Biology. J. Chem. Educ. (2014). doi:10.1021/ed400302u [Paper]

Student Staff Liaison Committee

I am the 2012-cohort representative for MOAC and IBR in the MOAC SSLC. Please, if you have any comments, feedback or queries, send me an email or talk to me in person! The MOAC SSLC web page can be found here.

Mac Applications

I sometimes write small Mac applications. They can be found here.

Conferences and Meetings attended

n.b. You can find presentations and posters I have authored here.

March 2014: Diabetes UK Professional Conference, Liverpool.

May 2013: MOAC Annual Conference at Ironbridge, Shropshire.

April 2013: I was invited to attend a Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) UK roundtable discussion on beta-cell renewal in London with Dr. Paul Squires. The event, involving all the key players in beta-cell research, aimed to discuss a Type 1 Diabetes Research Roadmap being developed with Novo Nordisk. The research roadmap project will overall produce a novel view of the research currently on-going across the UK but, importantly, will address gaps in the research portfolio in the UK and Europe. The event will be formatted into an interactive pdf created for the JDRF UK website, which is not available yet. The meeting was formally minuted, but also visually minuted. The resulting (not-quite-finished) poster that will be presented to Parliament can be seen below!

 Visual Minutes


Gareth Price

Gareth dot Price at warwick dot ac dot uk

MOAC Doctoral Training Centre
Top Floor, Senate House
University of Warwick

M0.25, BioMedical Research
School of Life Sciences,
Gibbet Hill Road
University of Warwick

024765 74247