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Victor Quan

I am a current early career fellow with the Institute of Advanced Study (University of Warwick), with a highly diversified background. My main research interests lie in the utilisation of novel dye nano-particles in light harvesting and bio-imaging applications. Together with my experience from being in executive roles of several societies during my studies at university, I am skilled in communicating with and managing members within a team. I pride myself in my ability to learn new concepts and skills quickly, as well as the drive to achieve perfection in these skills. My personal motto is a Chinese saying ‘learn for as long as you live’, which I often attribute towards my aspiration to pursue a career in scientific research.

Post-graduate Degree:


University of Warwick (MOAC DTC)

Ph.D. in Mathematical Biology and Biophysical Chemistry

Supervisors: Prof. Rachel O'Reilly, Dr. Vasilios Stavros and Prof. Richard Napier


University of Warwick (MOAC DTC)

MSc in Mathematical Biology and Biophysical Chemistry

Undergraduate Degrees:


University of Huddersfield

Bsc in Biochemistry


University of York

BEng Electronics Engineering with Music Technology

Work Experience

Jul 2009 – Sept 2009, Sep 2011-Sep 2012

University of Huddersfield Full time research project. Research involving purification and characterisation of a protein from sheep liver.

Laboratory techniques employed:

  • Liver tissue homogenisation
  • Protein purification with FPLC machines using both ion exchange and size exclusion/gel filtration columns
  • Packing and maintainance of FPLC
  • Enzymatic activity assays
  • Protein analysis using SDS-PAGE
  • Other duties include showing new project students the techniques employed
Sept 2009 – Sept 2010

University of York CNAP (Centre for Novel Agricultural Product) Full time student associate. Main research project was investigating the effects of pretreatment of plant materials have on the initial yield of enzymatic saccharification. This led to the further study of these effects on the plant materials' chemical composition (specifically the protective lignin-hemicellulose matrix).

Laboratory techniques deployed:

  • Operation and maintenance of HPLC machines from Dionex (anion exchange chromatography with CarboPac family of columns for monosaccharide analysis) including preparation of elution buffers, use of the provision software (Chameleon) for monitoring the equipment, setting up and running the experiments and data collection and analysis
  • Setting up and running different pretreatment conditions for different plant samples
  • Planting and monitoring growth of Arabidopsis thaliana plant, and havesting the dried plant material
  • Total saccharide quantification
  • Total hydrolysis of plant cell walls using TFA (trifluoroacetic acid) or TCA (trichloroacedtic acid)
  • Chemical analysis using FTIR (Fourier Transform Infra-Red) spectroscopy
  • Analysis of the FTIR results using principle component analysis (PCA), with the aid of Unscrambler X software (by CAMO)
  • Writing up and modifying standard operation procedures (SOPs) for colleagues

Academically Irrelavent Interests & Roles in student societies

  • Treasurer of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Student Branch in University of York 2006/2007. Together with other committee members held various events including the first ever IEEE Student Branches congress, making it the most successful year in York IEEE student branch history.
  • Founder and president of York University Taichi Club in 2007, managed the club and gave training to the new committee members on running the club during the academic year of 2007/2008. Instructor of the York Taichi club 2009-2010.
  • Treasurer/President of York University Aikido club in 2005-2008. Also trained the new committee members on running the club during the same period.
  • Conservational research expedition in Honduras during the summer of 2004 with Operation Wallacea for two months. Served as a research assistant for several projects, commitments included capturing of small mammals, insects, amphibians etc. , setting up camps and taking observational ecological data under water. Also obtained diver’s licence during the period.
  • Instructor of Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award group, duties mainly involved teaching the group members map-reading, safety and self-maintenance skills for trekking.
  • Play the guitar in almost all styles. Mainly specialise in Chinese Classical style, which is very rare in Europe. Also play other instruments including drums, Chinese Flute and 'Er Hu' (Chinese instrument similar to violin).
  • Performed (guitar) in all the Chinese New Year events held by the CSSA (Chinese Students and Scholar Association) of York University from 2004-2008, and occasionally in other events held by other organisations such as the OSA (overseas student association), GSA (graduate students association), University of York Electronics department etc..
  • Member of York University Badminton Team 2003/2004.
  • Trained in various martial arts including: Aikido since 2003, Taichi since 2006 , Capoeira since 2006, and other Chinese martial arts briefly (between 1-2 years of training, due to time constrain) such as Wingchun, Longfist, Bagua, Xingyi and Preying Mantis etc.. Had been an instructor for Taichi since 2009.

Exmaple Recording of a song co-composed with colleques from the Music Technology course

The Jabberwocky

Dave Fury, Max Leonard, Ben Askem, Victor



Wen Dong Quan (Victor)


Coventry House

University of Warwick

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Tel. 024 765 75808