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Richard Gibson

I previously studied mathematics at York and St Andrews, where I carried out research into Quadratic forms and the Selberg class. I decided to make the transfer into mathematical biology to broaden my horizons and find ways to apply my maths knowledge to biological problems. I am interested in applying the knowledge that I have learnt in mathematical modelling, as well as becoming more specialised in one of the techniques which I studied in either the biomolecular techniques or microscopy and imaging modules.


The University of York. Mathematics BSc.

Dissertation: A study into the Selberg Class.


The University of St Andrews. Mathematics MSc.

Dissertation: A study into Quadratic Forms.


The University of Warwick. MOAC MSc.

Thesis: Modelling T-cell receptors.

Poster/Talk: Elucidating the structural dynamics of Enacyloxin holo-ACP19.


The University of Warwick. PhD in the Chemical Biology Research Facility.

Contact: R dot J dot Gibson at warwick dot ac dot uk