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Antony Holmes

My background is in Computer Science and I wanted to port my knowledge from one field and apply it in others. I chose MOAC because of the diversity of science areas it covers and the opportunities available to put theoretical knowledge to use on real world problems.

I graduated from Warwick (as most of the other students did it would appear) in 2004 with a MEng in Computer Science. I enjoyed my time here so much i decided to stay on and do some further research.

You can tell I have a computer science background because I am cynical and have a pallid complexion due to spending too much time at a computer and not enough time in the sun. Fortunately I have not yet mastered the art of wearing t-shirts with pseudo-witty remarks on them such as " There's no place like ".

In my spare time (of which there is precious little) I can sometimes be found running around delightful Coventry or developing interactive games for an internet strategy games company I do some work for.

I am interested in programming or software projects if anyone is working on something and would like a hand with coding etc. The recently started Warwick Bioinformatics Group might prove to be a good bridge between computer science and bio-science research.



a dot b dot holmes at warwick dot ac dot uk