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Roy Meyler

About Me - Current Projects - Academic History - Previous Projects - Honours & Awards

About Me

Based in the 'Electrochemical & Interfaces Group' at the University of Warwick developing state-of-the-art carbon-based materials for advanced analytical methodologies and novel sensor technologies.

Current Project

"Carbon-based electrochemical sensors for the detection of species in complex environments"

(Chemistry, Physics, Engineering)


Electrochemistry represents a low cost, potentially non-invasive means of sensing the solution environment, such as trace species in pharmaceutical processing e.g. potential genotoxic impurities (PGIs), process waters and biological environments such as neurotransmitters. Carbon electrodes (sp3 and sp2 hybridised) are particularly attractive electrodes due to their biocompatibility and low cost. However different forms of carbon show different degrees of catalytically activity towards different target analytes. I will design, using a “bottom up” approach, new electrodes for different trace species detection,which can also be integrated into non-perturbative on-line flow-detection systems. Key objectives are to reduce analysis times, lower costs and improve on current detection levels.

Previous Projects and Presentations

  1. Bottom-Up Colorimetric Sensor Development for the Analysis of Medically Interesting Analytes
  2. Dope Money - The Analysis of Cocaine on Banknotes
  3. Forensic Techniques for the Discrimination of Fibres and Textiles
  4. Wearable sensors for the study of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease
  5. Carcinogens in the Water – An Analysis of Total Cr and Cr(VI) in Kansas Drinking Water
  6. Are Your Toddlers Drinking Lead? – An Analysis of Lead Content in U.S. Apple Juice Products

    Work Groups:

    • Centre for Analytical Science (CAS)
    • Molecular Organisation and Assembly Centre (MOAC)
    • Electrochemistry and Interfaces Group - Find out more about Prof. J. MacPherson here→


    Academic History


    Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), Physical Chemistry, Eurobachelor

    Universität Regensburg / University of Regensburg, D.E.
    Projects: 2

    Honours and Awards

    Marie Curie Fellowship


    European Commission – Innovation and Research DG
    March 2013


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    Roy E.P. Meyler

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