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Peter Cock

These pages are no longer being updated; If you have any queries please contact Peter via his alumni email address or Google Mail.

[Warwick Crest]

As one of the first intake to the MOAC program, I completed my MOAC masters degree in Summer 2004. I then completed a PhD in Bioinformatics, and graduated at the July 2009 ceremony. During my PhD I attended conferences & training courses, and published a few papers. Before the MOAC MSc and PhD programme, I studied Maths and Physics (MPhys) here at Warwick, and then worked full time as a Systems Analyst/Programmer.

[SCRI Logo]

At the end of my PhD I joined the Plant Pathology group at the Scottish Crop Research Institute, SCRI. I have a home page there. In April 2011, SCRI was merged into the James Hutton Institute, so I now have yet another home page.

I am a member of the Society for General Microbiology and Institute of Physics, and during my PhD was a Junior Member of the Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences. I am now also a member of The British Society for Plant Pathology.

[PHOTO] In addition to that brief introduction to me, and what I've been up to, these pages are also host to:

I've also started a bioinformatics blog, Blasted Bioinformatics!?, and one on astrophotography. Much of my programming is available on GitHub or BitBucket.