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MOAC and Bioinformatics

MOAC students are introduced to some of the tools in Bioinformatics during Module 1. For example, they will have met BLAST during their Lab Report, searching for the meaning within their sequenced plasmids (having first used CHROMAS to convert the raw waveform data into a nucleotide sequence).

MOAC Module 5 introduces microarrays, probability theory etc and gives further exposure to bioinformatics. This year the course includes a workshop/assignment doing microarray analysis using BioConductor.

Several people involved in MOAC are also part of Warwick's recently formed Bioinformatics User Group (BUG@Warwick). As well as bringing together interested parties from various departments (including Warwick HRI), the group are organising a number of seminars covering, for example, introductions to the main tools of the trade.

Bioinformatics User Group