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MOAC Open Days

Exciting Opportunities at the

Biology / Chemistry / Mathematics / Physics Interface

The official programme for the day starts at 11am. However, interviews can be arranged from 9.00am onwards and so if you'd rather arrive earlier than 11am then please email Sarah Shute on to arrange.

Open Day Schedule

11 00 - Coffee and welcome
11 15 - Introduction to the DTCs
11 45 - Opportunity to chat to current students and take part in an interview
13 00 - Lunch in Common Room with current MOAC and Systems Biology students
13 45 - Optional campus tours (and interviews cont...)
15 00 - End


The interface between Physical, Mathematical and Biological Sciences is one of the key development areas of modern science.

Crossing the interface, the Molecular Organisation and Assembly in Cells (MOAC) PhD Programme at Warwick provides the opportunity to combine the abilities and knowledge of several disciplines into one multidisciplinary research project, with a one year MSc programme also available.

Why should I come to an Event?

This is a fact-finding opportunity for you to meet students and staff in MOAC, to give you an opportunity to share experiences and to gain a fuller understanding of what MOAC can offer you.

MOAC Open Days are designed for students who have an interest in the area, who may be unsure about the possibilities of PhD study in Physical Sciences, Mathematical Sciences or Biological Sciences; those who wish to expand existing Chemical, Biological, Mathematical, Physical, or Computational knowledge into an innovative and practical arena; or those who wish to undertake PhD study, in the Sciences or Mathematics, and would like to explore opportunities available at Warwick.

What does MOAC have to offer?

Combining the abilities and knowledge of several disciplines, andhaving the opportunity to apply this knowledge in a hands-on research project is the unique opportunity provided by the Molecular Organisation and Assembly in Cells (MOAC) combined MSc and PhD Programme at Warwick.

What we offer is a range of taught modules to enable you to gain the relevant skills to achieve success in your chosen research project which crosses this interface.

Who can apply to MOAC?

Science graduates, who have an interest in all sciences, and are able to see comparisons and overlaps between scientific concepts and methods, and are prepared for the rigours of research-based study.

We currently have 10 EPSRC funded studentships for UK students, EU students can apply for a limited number of stipends covering tuition fees.

Current MOAC PhD project examples

There is a full listing of current PhD titles on the current students page, including:

  • "A new class of anti-microbial agents; taking the fight to the 'SuperBugs' "
  • "Two-component regulation: modelling, predicting and identifying protein-protein interactions and assessing signalling networks of bacteria"
  • "The Role of Oxidative Stress on Human Placental Syncytialisation: A Combined Approach using Chemical Probe Microscopy, Microarrays and Modelling"
  • "Membrane simulations"
  • "Virus evolution"

Prof Alison Rodger

Director MOAC Doctoral Training Centre

Arrange an interview appointment

For details, or to arrange an interview, contact the MOAC team on 024 765 75808 or e-mail Sarah Shute on

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Future Open Days


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