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LGBT+ History Month 2024

This poster is part of an LGBT+ History Month project, to highlight the work and achievements of LGBT+ individuals in the mathematical sciences.

Links below let you download a PDF of the posters, or you can find them around the building! The full set of the posters is repeated in each of the Zeeman, Computer Science, and Mathematical Sciences buildings (as of 5th February).

Poster locations

Where locations are listed as a private room, this has no connection to the people working in that room. Please don't disturb any staff or students in their office or classes!


  • Near A0.03
  • The Street (outside MS02)
  • Inside the UG workroom
  • Noticeboard by entrance
  • Top of the stairs on floor 1, near the staff room
  • Near B3.03
  • Near C2.19
  • Near MS05

Computer Science

  • Terminal room 1
  • Terminal room 2
  • Student common room
  • Student kitchen/sink area
  • Near room 104
  • Near room 101
  • Inside staff/PhD common room


  • Ground floor foyer near the lifts
  • Near to MB0.07
  • Common room (x2 locations)
  • Near to room 1.09
  • Floor 2 noticeboard
  • Floor 3 noticeboard
  • Floor 5 noticeboard
The MOSAIC logo with caption. Coloured triangles run in a strip across the top, with two of the triangles making the W for the Warwick logo. The word MOSAIC is written below.

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