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The Ends of the World: Visualising the Anthropocene

Dr Tiago de Luca, an assistant professor in Film Studies here at Warwick, is organising a meeting to explore the possibility of setting up a new research group to visualise the ends of the world.

The meeting will aim to gather together scholars and postgraduate students from a wide range of disciplines with a view to exploring new approaches and methods regarding the Anthropocene. More specifically, it will aim to discuss the ways in which the Anthropocene has been differently ‘visualised’ in recent cultural and knowledge production, and the ethical and political implications of such visualisations. The meeting will discuss visualisation both in terms of 1) new techniques and technologies that have the challenge to make visible what Timothy Morton has termed ‘hyperobjects’ (2013), that is, entities whose magnitude eludes the spatiotemporal scales of human perception; and 2) popular and artistic representations that stage possible scenarios of environmental disaster and the ends of the world.


Given its pressing topicality, the theme is likely to be of interest to a range of disciplines, including: film, television and media studies; social sciences; politics; geography; geology; environmental studies; cultural policy; and many others. The meeting will take the form of an informal discussion over lunch led by the PI. Attendees will be encouraged to talk about their current work on the topic and detail their approach and methodology. The meeting’s main objective will be to discuss the creation of a Warwick-based collaborative research network in the light of internal funding schemes, research networks and existing GRP programmes. The meeting will also serve as a forum to consider collaboration with potential external partners with a view to cross-institutional collaboration and larger bids in the near future.

If you're interested in attending, please contact Dr de Luca ( by the 28th of April 2017