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EPSRC NetworkPlus Workshop: Interdisciplinary applications of statistical Physics


9-10 September 2015


Niels Bohr common room, 6th floor, Schuster Building, University of Manchester. For a map, please click here. For those arriving by air, it is easiest to take one of the frequent and inexpensive trains from the airport to Piccadilly, the central station in Manchester. From there, the Physics department can be reached by a short taxi ride or a brisk 30min walk.


Richard Morris (r dot g dot morris at warwick dot ac dot uk)

Tim Rogers (t dot c dot rogers at bath dot ac dot uk)


The event is a two-day knowledge-sharing workshop, aiming to bring together researchers under the common theme of “Interdisciplinary applications of statistical physics”. Such applications often appear to be an otherwise disjoint set, including subjects like language change, population genetics, species formation, socio-economics, epidemiology and ecology. However, the core mathematical “toolset” used by researchers is often that of stochastic methods, or statistical physics. With this in mind, the rationale behind our event is to promote diversification and mobility between fields of study, whilst demonstrating the vast array of applications for statistical physics and hopefully nucleating potential new collaborations.

The event follows the announcement that Alan McKane will retire at the end of September. Alan is a long-standing and prominent member of the UK statistical physics community, whose research has encompassed a diverse set of interdisciplinary applications.

The outcome of the workshop will be a contribution to the EPSRC roadmap document related to the UK Network on Emergence and Physics far from Equilibrium, and to the development of long-term research agenda within the scope of this Network.


We have assembled an exciting list of internationally recognised speakers, spanning a broad range of subjects. The roster includes

  • David Alonso (Species formation / Ecology, Spain)
  • Barbara Drossel (Epidemiology / Ecology, Germany)
  • Bruce Edmonds (Social policy, UK)
  • Stephen Einchcomb (Finance, UK)
  • Nigel Goldenfeld (Biocomplexity / Evolution, USA)
  • Tim Newman (Biology, UK)
  • Royce Zia (Microbiology / Population Dynamics / Climate Science, USA)

The talks will be separated by extended discussions, as well as brain-storming.


The meeting will start at 11:00 (coffee at 10:30) on Wednesday 9th September to facilitate travel to Manchester on that day. The full programme for the event can be found here.


To register for the workshop, please follow this link.


Members of the EPSRC Network+ "Emergence and Physics far from Equilibrium", will receive support for travel and accommodation costs accodring to the rules set out here.