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The course will be divided into morning lectures and afternoon practical sessions.

Each practical session should have at most 5 people, with 3 practical sessions running in parallel that limits the course to 15 people.

The first day will be introductory with 45 minute lecture slots (35 minutes plus 10 minutes questions, discussion, and changeover).

Practical sessions are 1.5 hr slots (aimed at 1 hr plus questions, problems and changeover). Further lectures are 1 hr slots (aimed at 45 minutes with questions, discussions etc.).

Handouts will be supplied for both lectures and practicals. The aim of the practical handouts is to enable students to follow bullet pointed instructions for the correct use of the instruments.

The final SEM and AFM practical sessions will involve practical demonstrations of competence by the students and where possible will be done with their own samples.


The course timetable can be seen here.

Further details on the course contents can be downloaded from here.