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Science City Advanced Materials programme

The Universities of Warwick and Birmingham have received £10 million from the regional development agency Advantage West Midlands and the European Research Development Fund (ERDF) as part of the Birmingham Science City Initiative, to establish the region as an international competitor in advanced materials.
The Science City Advanced Materials programme will create a virtual centre that will undertake internationally-leading research and development into the creation, development and characterisation of new, advanced materials for applications in a diversity of industries from aerospace engineering to healthcare and information computing technology.

As part of this initiative the Microscopy Group has been given funds to upgrade both its microscopy and sample preparation facilities.



691 Precision Ion Polishing System (PIPS™)
The PIPS™ is a user-friendly precision ion polisher designed to produce high quality, TEM specimens with minimal effort.
Emphasizing ease of use, the PIPSTM features full manual control, making it reliable, simple to operate and easy to maintain. Several unique design features are incorporated into the Gatan PIPSTM:

  • High milling rates at shallow angles to less than 1 degree
  • Whisperlok™ for fast and simple specimen exchange
  • Patented specimen holders for double sided, low angle milling
  • Beam Modulation offering both single and double sector milling
  • CCD imagery for "real-time" video monitor imaging 


The SC1000 ORIUS® TEM CCD camera is the latest generation of large format (11 Megapixel) retractable and fiber-optical coupled CCD cameras. Built with state-of-the-art CCD electronics and improved mechanical design, this new family of TEM camera provides exceptional image quality with fast speed.

Axio Imager micro

ZEISS Axio Imager
The outstanding features of this new microscope generation are:
• Improved optics, superb contrast and excellent resolution
• Forward-looking stand concept for highest flexibility
• Innovative design for maximum stability and vibration free operation
• Integrated intelligence for enhanced operating comfort
• Exceptional ergonomy for relaxed working.
• An optimal platform for imaging solutions


ZEISS Stemi 2000
Ideal 3-D imaging system.
The optical system of the Stemi 2000 images your specimens exactly true to nature: Brilliantly sharp, absolutely free of disortions and - even at low powers - at very high resolving power.
High zoom factor of 7x
The extremely wide 7.7:1 zoom range (pancratic system 0.65x...5.0x) operates either continuously or with pre-fixed click stop positions at certain magnifications.
Working distances of 92 mm, 130 mm, 210 mm or 286 mm are possible at a magnification range of 1.95x to 225x..

Carbon evaporator

K950X Turbo Evaporator
The K950X high vacuum carbon evaporator will give continuous carbon films using carbon rods. Typical applications include support films and replicas for TEM and conductive coatings for SEM EDS and WDS. The films are continuous for thicknesses of 2nm or more and are free of significant structure.


Gatan's MonoCL3 is a dedicated, "turn-key" cathodoluminescence (CL) system for high resolution imaging and spectroscopy suitable for all Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEMs)
Liquid Nitrogen cooled sample stage.

Alto 2500

Alto 2500 Cryotransfer for SEM
Cryotransfer for SEM allows imaging and analysis of biological and other hydrated, beam or vacuum sensitive specimens.Specimen preparation techniques provided with every Alto system include rapid freezing (to preserve hydrated state), vacuum transfer (to prevent contamination), cold fracture (to expose internal microstructure), freeze etching (to clarify non aqueous components) and coating (to allow high resolution surface imaging and X-ray analysis).



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