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Charlie Slade


I graduated from Warwick University in 2016 with a BSc MPhys in Physics. I chose to stay on to do a PhD in Material Sciences and Microscopy, under the supervision of Dr Jeremy Sloan and Dr Ana Sanchez.

Research Interests

The encapsulation of Phase Change Materials (PCMs) inside Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes (SWCNTs). I grow and analyse the nanocomposite PCM@SWCNTs, in order to identify and model the structures that have formed, how these differ from the bulk form of the filling material, and to determine their associated properties.

My research is primarily based around Electron Microscopy, but also incorporates other techniques (modelling & simulations, ED, DSC/TGA, XRD), to better understand the materials.



C. A. Slade, A. M. Sanchez, & J. Sloan, Unprecedented New Crystalline Forms of SnSe in Narrow to Medium Diameter Carbon Nanotubes. Nano Lett. 19, 2979-84 (2019).


MMC19 (Manchester) - Oral Presentation

IMC19 (Sydney) - Mini Oral Presentation & Poster

EMAG2018 (Warwick) - Oral Presentaion

PsiK17 (Warwick) - Poster Presentation

MMC2017 (Manchester) - Poster Presentation

Charlotte Slade

Department of Physics
University of Warwick

Office: MAS1.06

Tel: +44 (0)24765 74395
Email: charlotte dot slade at warwick dot ac dot uk