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Natalie Teutsch

About Me

I graduated from the University of Warwick with a MPhys degree in 2015. Since then I have been studying for my PhD on the "Microscopy and Spectroscopy of Van der Waal heterostructures", under the supervison of Dr Neil Wilson.

Research Interests

My current research is focused on synchrotron based nano-angle resolved photoelectron spectroscopy (nanoARPES) of various 2 dimensional (2D) materials, predominantly transition metal dichalcogenides (TMD) monolayers and heterostructures. In particular I study the layer dependent electronic structure of MX2 semiconductors (where M=Mo, or W and X=Se, S, or Te) and their alloys. As an extension of this work, I have also been looking at electrostatically gated TMD devices.

I also use SPM to compliment and enhance these ARPES measurements, most specifically atomic force microscopy (AFM) but also scanning kelvin probe microscopy (SKPM) among others techniques.


  • TMD-UK 2016 (Poster) - "nanoARPES of 2-dimensional TMD heterostructures".
  • RMS SPM Conference 2016 (Poster) - "Scanning probe microscopy of nano-mechanically polished 2-dimensional heterostructures".


Natalie Teutsch
Department of Physics
University of Warwick

Office: MAS1.06

Tel: +44 (0)7557354034
Email: n dot teutsch at warwick dot ac dot uk