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Dr Reza Kashtiban

Restored Phase of Monolayer Garphene by Inline Holography
Reza is an experimental physicist and material scientist with particular interest in the structural and compositional properties of nanomaterials by means of advanced Transmission Electron Microscopy. He had been a visiting academic of UK mide-rane electron microscopy facilities at Daresbury Lab (SuperSTEM, 2007-2010) where he used Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy (EELS) technique in Plasmon and core loss regimes to study semiconductor nanostructured materials. Reza also specialise in phase restoration by Exit Wave Reconstruction of Focal Series also known as inline holography.

His current research themes involves growth and compositional characterisation of encapsulated composite nanostrucures, 1D radial heterostructures and 2D materials. He has also expertise on the study of porous materials, functionalised carbon based materials and phase change nanomaterials.

Current Interests

Carbon Based Materials

2D materials
Hybrid photovoltaic nanostructures
Encapsulated structures
1D Van der Waals Heterostructures
Phase Change Materials
Atomic scale local characterisation

STEM-EELS of CNT/BN/MoS2 vdW Heterostructure

Selected Publications

Picoperovskites: the Smallest Conceivable Isolated Halide Perovskite Structures Formed Within Carbon Nanotubes, Advanced Materials (2023)

R.J. Kashtiban, C. E. Patrick, Q. Ramasse, R. I. Walton and J. Sloan

Linear and Helical Caesium Iodide Atomic Chains in Ultra-Narrow Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes

Reza J. Kashtiban, Maria Burdanova, Andrij Vasylenko, Jamie Wynn, Paulo V. C. Meideros, Quentin Ramasse, Andrew J. Morris, David Quigley, James Lloyd-Hughes and Jeremy Sloan, , ACS Nano 15 (2021), pp 13389-13398

Ultrafast Optoelectronic Processes in 1D Radial van der Waals Heterostructures:Carbon, Boron Nitride, and MoS2 Nanotubes with Coexisting Excitons and Highly Mobile Charge

Maria G Burdanova, Reza J Kashtiban, Yongjia Zheng, Rong Xiang, Shohei Chiashi, Jack Matthew Woolley, Michael Staniforth, Emily Sakamoto-Rablah, Xue Xie, Matthew Broome, Jeremy Sloan, Anton Anisimov, Esko I Kauppinen, Shigeo Maruyama and James Lloyd-Hughes, Nano Lett. 20(2020) pp 3560–3567

Towards a 3D GeSbTe phase change memory with integrated selector by non-aqueous electrod

Ruomeng Huang, Gabriela P Kissling, Reza Kashtiban, Yasir J Noori, Katarina Cicvarić, Wenjian Zhang, Andrew L Hector, Richard Beanland, David C Smith, Gillian Reid, Philip N Bartlett, CH Kees de Groot, Faraday Discuss. 213 (2019) pp 339-355

Compliance-Free ZrO2/ZrO2− x/ZrO2 Resistive Memory with Controllable Interfacial Multistate Switching Behaviour.

R. Huag, X. Yan, S. Ye, R. J. Kashtiban, R. Beanland, K. A. Morgan, M. D. B. Charlton, C. H. de Groot,Nanoscale Research Letts. 12(2017)

Atomically Resolved Imaging of Highly Ordered Alternating Fluorinated Graphene

R. J Kashtiban, M. A. Dyson, R. R Nair, R. Zan, S. L Wong, Q. Ramasse, A. K Geim, U. Bangert, J. Sloan, Nature Comm., 5 (2014) 4902


Dr Reza Kashtiban

Associate Professor

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Department of Physics
University of Warwick
Gibbet Hill Road
Coventry CV4 7AL
Office: P5.68
telephone +44 (0)2476 5 22054

Reconstructed phase of HRTEM of Gr

alternating fluorinated graphenephase of chair-C2F

Christmas Lectures-Vice Chancellor WoW Award

Vice Chancellor WoW Award 2022

Pd catalysts particls on TiO2

Pd/TiO2 catalysts

STEM-ADF image of Perovskites La0.5Sm0.5CrO3



STEM-ABF image of Perovskites La0.5Sm0.5CrO3

Unzipping graphene sheet under electron beam in TEM

EELS core loss