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Sam Marks


Background Information

After graduating from the University of York with my MPhys (Hons) degree I began my PhD on the analysis of SuperCritical Fluid ElectroDeposition SCFED formed nanowires under the supervision of Dr Jeremy Sloan.


Characterisation using electron microscopy, atomic resolution HRTEM and STEM, nanowire device fabrication and advanced microscopy techniques i.e. EELS and tomography.


SCFED is attempting to push the boundaries of electrodeposition by introducing a new electrodeposition medium. A supercritical fluid is a fluid with properties of a gas and can therefore be used to penetrate mesoporous materials as it has no surface tension. Once inside the pore electrodeposition can take place generating nanowires in a bottom up method. These nanowires are then sent to me for observation.

SCFED in action

The above animation is a basic example of SCFED in action, note the 3nm pore size.



Samuel Marks,
Department of Physics,
University of Warwick,

Office: MAS1.06

Tel: +44 (0)24765 74395
Email:S dot R dot Marks at warwick dot ac dot uk