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Working Groups

Draft working group structure

Based on the CKM2008 working group structure.

Note that plenary sessions will be held on global CKM fits and new physics searches. Joint WG sessions can also be arranged.


WG I: Precise determination of Vud and Vus

Conveners: Federico Mescia (Barcelona), Albert Young (North Carolina), Tommaso Spadaro (Frascati)

  • Determination of Vus
    • from Kl3 decays: Kl3 results, measurement and analysis of Kl3 Dalitz plot to constrain CHPT parameters, lattice results and uncertainties
    • from τ and hyperon decays: estimate of theoretical errors, prospects
    • from fK / fπ : lattice results, estimate of lattice uncertainties, Kl2 results, πl2 results
  • Determination of Vud from super-allowed Fermi transitions, neutron and pion decays: theoretical and experimental updates
  • Neutral kaon mixing parameters: ΔmK, εK, associated lattice results and uncertainties

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WG II: Determination of Vub, Vcb, Vcs and Vcd through inclusive and exclusive semileptonic B and D decays

Conveners: Jack Laiho (Glasgow), Ben Pecjak (Mainz), Christoph Schwanda (Vienna)

  • Determination of Vcb
    • Theoretical uncertainties: prospects
    • Spectral moments: results, averages, global fits, scheme differences, determination of quark masses and hadronic parameters and their combination
    • Form factor measurements and theoretical calculations (lattice, LCSR, etc.)
  • Determination of Vub
    • Inclusive: measurements of El, MX, q2 spectra
    • Methods to determine Vub and associated theoretical uncertainties
    • Exclusive: measurements of q2 distribution with different tagging methods
    • Form factor measurements and theoretical calculations (lattice, LCSR, etc.)
    • Averaging issues
  • Exclusive and inclusive D semileptonic decays
    • Determination of Vcs, Vcd and of form factors
    • D→πlν, extrapolation from D to B and possible determination of Vub
  • Leptonic decays
    • Measurement of D+, Ds, B+→l+ν
    • Determinations of decay constants and CKM matrix elements
    • Measurements of decay rates and kinematic distributions in B→D(*)τ+ν

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WG III: Rare B, D and K decays

Conveners: Martin Gorbahn (Munich), Mitesh Patel (Imperial), Steven Robertson (IPP/McGill)

  • Vtd/Vts from B→ργ and B→K*γ and (semi-)inclusive b→d/sγ
    • Experimental results
    • Results from lattice, LCSR, prospects, long distance contributions
  • Radiative decays as probes of CKM and of new physics.
    • Theoretical and experimental updates of B→Xsγ
    • Use of b→sγ for moments and for Vub (discussion in conjunction with WG2)
    • Methods to measure the photon polarisation
    • Radiative decays of Bs and charmed mesons
  • Electroweak penguin decays b→s/d ll
    • Inclusive b→s/d l+l-: theoretical and experimental situation
    • Exclusive b→s/d l+l-: measurements of various kinematical distributions, theoretical uncertainties
    • b→s/d νν
  • Purely leptonic decays as probes of CKM and of new physics
    • Bd→l+l-, Bs→l+l-, D→l+l-
  • Rare K decays of relevance to CKM studies

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WG IV: Determination of Vtd, Vts and Vtb including phases by direct measurements and using oscillations

Conveners: Alexander Lenz (Dortmund & Regensburg), Olivier Leroy (Marseille), Michal Kreps (Karlsruhe)

  • Direct measurements of |VtX|
    • Theoretical and experimental situation for |Vtb|
    • Prospects for direct measurements of |Vts| and |Vtb|
  • Mixing parameters Δmd, Δms, xD and ΔΓd, ΔΓs, yD
    • Lattice determination and experimental constraints on fBd, fBs and ξ
    • Critical review on quenching and chiral logs associated errors
  • Theoretically clean measurement of weak mixing phases in Bs/d systems
    • Measurements of ϕ1 (β) and cos2ϕ1 (cos2β) (Bd→J/ψKS, DCPh0, etc.)
    • Measurements of ϕs (Bs→J/ψϕ, Ds+Ds-, etc.)
    • CP violation in charm mixing

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WG V: γ (ϕ3) and related measurements

Conveners: Robert Fleischer (NIKHEF), Stefania Ricciardi (RAL)

  • Measurements of ϕ3 (γ) from direct CP violation in B→D(*)K(*) decays
    • Experimental results with different charm decays
    • Combination of results
    • Measurements of charm decays needed for input
  • Measurements of ϕ3 (γ) from time-dependent CP violation
    • Experimental results in B→D(*)π/ρ, DKπ, Bs→DsK decays
    • Related BF measurements (Dsπ, Dπ0, and D(*)K(*))

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WG VI: Angles from penguin dominated Bs/d decays

Conveners: Jure Zupan (Ljubljana), Matt Graham (SLAC), Diego Tonelli (FNAL)

  • Theoretical framework for charmless hadronic B decays
    • Different theoretical approaches
    • Approximations and uncertainties
    • Use of data-driven methods
  • ϕ2 (α)
    • Results in ππ, ρρ and ρπ (πππ) channels
    • Extraction of ϕ2 (α): approximations and theoretical uncertainties
  • ϕ1 (β) and ϕs from charmless decays
    • Results in various modes: ϕK0, η'K0, f0K0, π0KS, KSKSKS, etc.
    • Expected deviations from sin2ϕ1 (sin2β) within the SM using different theoretical approaches
    • Time-dependent CP violation in charmless hadronic Bs decays (Bs→ϕϕ, K*K*, etc.)
  • ϕ3 (γ) from charmless decays. Interpretation of other charmless decays
    • Understanding of the πK modes (γ, electroweak penguins)
    • Methods using πK* and ρK (Dalitz plot analyses)
    • Methods using Bs decays

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