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Physics SuperB Physics Workshop 2009

SuperB Physics Workshop 2009

SuperB University of Warwick content/High Energy Particle Physics Group

Workshop on New Physics with SuperB

14th-17th April 2009

Warwick Arts Centre Warwick Piazza
The purpose of the Workshop is to bring together experimentalists and theorists to:
  • Stimulate new work towards the SuperB Technical Design Report
  • Develop the strategies to test new physics models
  • Clarify the areas where SuperB has the best physics reach

Registration for the Workshop is now open!

In case of issues with the registration form or payment system, please contact Ben Morgan

Location and Travel Accommodation Programme
Working Groups Fees and Registration Participants Tourism

Local Organising Committee

Paul Harrison (Chair)
Adrian Bevan
Tim Gershon
Ben Morgan
Fergus Wilson

Workshop Secretary: Ms. Rachel Harrington (;

Tel: +44 24 765 23376; Fax: +44 24 76692016.

Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle