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Working Groups and Conveners

We plan six "vertical" working groups as follows:

1) New Physics in Mixing and CP Violation: Chih-hsiang Cheng, Tim Gershon, Thomas Mannel.
   Interplay of B_d and B_s mixing and CP violation in isolating new physics. 
   Mixing/tree vs. mixing/penguin. SM precision of penguin asymmetries. Determination 
   of alpha. Reach of SuperB. Sensitivity to mass scale, coupling chirality.

2) Rare, Radiative and semi-leptonic decays: Tobias Hurth and Achille Stocchi.
   Determination of gamma. Branching fractions and kinematic distributions 
   and their impact on new physics, B and D decays. AFB and ACP in K(*)ll, 
   comparison of Kee to Kmumu etc.

3) Lepton Flavor Violation and New Physics Models: Alberto Lusiani and Paride Paradisi.
   Relationship between them. Role of polarized electron beam. Comparison of the reach 
   of tau - > 3 leptons, tau - > mu gamma, and other SuperB modes to that of 
   mu - > e gamma or mu - > e conversion in confirming or ruling out new models. 
   Dalitz plots for polarized tau to 3 leptons to ascertain LFV coupling details.

4) CP and T Violation with Polarized Taus: Mike Roney and Oscar Vives.
   Work out scenarios to cancel systematics.

5) Charm Mixing and CP Violation in D decays: David Asner and Ikaros Bigi.

6) Spectroscopy, Exotica and Other Physics: Riccardo Faccini and Antonello Polosa.

We plan three "horizontal" working groups, with sporadic subdivisions as indicated:

A. Phenomenology dealing with topics 1 through 6 below: 
   Monika Blanke, Marco Ciuchini, Emi Kou, Frank Porter, Luca Silvestrini, Cecilia Tarantino.
   This group is more focused on the issues of concern to
   the theorists, with experimentalist welcome to participate.
   Possible subdivisions which may take place more as a function
   of time than necessarily in parallel:
   A1). MSSM
   A2). SUSY-GUTs (together with MSSM could be simply SUSY)
   A3). Little Higgs
   A4). Extra-dimensions
   A5). CKM analysis
   A6). Model independent/EFT analyses

B. Theoretical uncertainties: Jonathan Flynn and Uli Haisch.
   B1). Radiative Decays
   B2). Rare Decays
   B3). Semilpetonic Decays
   B4). Lattic QCD

C. Tools: David Brown and Matteo Rama.
   C1). Fast simulation
   C2). Event generators for implementation of BSM physics
   C3). Computing infrastructure for project: Grid, Farm and CPU cycle utilisation