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DNA Extraction From Your Own Cheek Cells

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During the activity, students will learn about how the different traits that they have gained from their parents, such as eye colour, hair colour, facial characteristics are passed from each generation to the next, the answer being DNA. They will then learn about different features and properties of DNA.

The student will then have the opportunity to extract DNA from their own cells (cheek cells) and learn about how scientists work with DNA in many areas such as DNA fingerprinting at crime scenes, paternity testing and drug discovery.

The students will be using kitchen material and the 3 steps scientists use for all DNA extractions. Detergent, Enzymes, Alcohol.

At the end of the workshop they will have a sample of their own DNA to keep!

The maximum number of students we can accommodate is 30.

Contact Dr Marwan Albuhtori via or Christine Lockey via to book your session.

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