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Slice of Science Family Day Programme

Programme of Events

OC0.01 Warwick Manufacturing Group: Robotics and Turtlestitch Coding

Come and programme an embroidery machine (think Spyrograph for those old enough to remember it!) and navigate a robot around an obstacle course.

OC0.02 School of Life Sciences: Slime and Dinosaurs - What's not to Love!

Discover Dinosaurs!

Come along and learn about dinosaurs by studying what was left behind: fossils! Find out how archaeologists excavate fossils and use them to figure out what dinosaurs looked like when they were alive. Can you work out what types of foods different dinosaurs ate? PLUS learn the secret code hidden in dinosaur names.

Come and meet the giant singled celled, maze solving slime moulds

Movement, memory and problem solving are abilities we normally associate with animal behaviour and a nervous system, but is that always the case? Could a brainless organism exhibit intelligent behaviour, could it be capable of learning and, if so, could we learn from anything from it? Come and meet the giant singled celled, maze solving slime moulds. Learn where to find them, how to tame them and why so many scientists like to keep them.

OC0.03 Talks for All Ages:

12:15-12:45 Zuzana Paleckova (School of Life Sciences): The Good Viruses

Viruses are often connected with illness, contagion, and fear. Yet the majority of viruses do not target us. In fact, viruses that infect bacteria, also called bacteriophages (phages), are the most abundant organisms in the world. They can be found anywhere where bacteria live, including oceans, soil, and even within organisms like us. Humans use phages to treat bacterial infections, especially the most dangerous of them all - antibiotic resistant bacteria. Discover more about these fascinating parasites with me!

13:00-13:30 Dr Lauren Doyle (Physics): What is a Star?

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be an astronomer? Come along to hear Dr Lauren Doyle talk about how she observes the stars and what they can tell us. Then climb into a rocket as we take a journey across the universe to the place where stars are born, learning about their life and death. This is the perfect talk for all space enthusiasts, however, the content is pitched at ages 10+.

13:45-14:15 Student Q&A Panel (Chemistry): Chemistry in the Real World

Research and teaching collide as Dr Bo Kelestyn interviews three young voices of Chemistry at Warwick: Abbie Whittock is a post-graduate researcher with a focus on sunscreens; whilst Harriet and Abbe are current students who recently completed an experiment based on Abbie’s amazing research. Come along to discover how the next generation of sunscreens are being designed and how this influences teaching at Warwick.

14:30-15:00 Professor Rob Howes (Site Director CEO) and Dr Frances Pitt (Chief Principal Scientist), Rosalind Franklin Laboratory: What Happens to your Test?!

This talk will give an overview of the work of the Rosalind Franklin Laboratory during the Covid-19 pandemic and explore how PCR testing helps tackle the disease and its spread.

15:15-15:45 Anisah Munim: "That's for Boys": An Entry into Esports and Gaming

Ever been told that "you can't do that because that's for boys"? Interested in the world of video games and esports but are confused about whether you'd fit in? Visit my talk to get more of an insight on defying the odds of making it as a woman in esports. If you don't know what esports is or have never picked up a controller, come join to learn more and ask questions!

OC0.04 Family Chill Out Space with Board Games.
OC0.05 Chemistry: Dry Ice Bubbles

Catch smoke-filled bubbles, discover how to pour a liquid, and learn more about super cold substances as the department of chemistry showcases the amazing properties of dry ice.

OC1.01 Psychology: How to be a Brain and Behaviour Scientist!

Visit the Warwick Research with Kids Group labs in the Psychology department to discover how to be a brain and behaviour scientist! We’ll show you some of the games we do in our research on children's language, gesture, and social skills and what this tells about how young children learn to communicate and cooperate with others! You can try them yourself and test your family and friends!

OC1.02 School of Life Sciences: Extracting DNA from Fruit AND The Gut Microbiome: What is Good Bacteria?

Extracting DNA from Fruit

In this activity, we will be extracting DNA from fruit! This experiment is hands-on (but not messy!) and teaches the basics of cells and DNA.

Protect your Microbiome!

Did you know bacteria are not always bad, in fact we have 40 trillion bacteria in our body forming the microbiome - and a lot of them are good for us! Get involved in 2 exciting card games about factors that are good and bad for our microbiome.

OC1.03 Rosalind Franklin Laboratory: What Happens to your Covid-19 Test?

This interactive workshop will involve teaching basic micro-pipetting techniques, an essential skill which is used in a variety of lab-based settings, such as the processing of PCR tests at the Rosalind Franklin Laboratory. It will show the basics of how we handle COVID samples, including how PCR testing works and other information about the lab.

OC1.04 Mathematics Institute: Fun with Puzzles

Have fun with mathematical puzzles and games. Puzzle over the tower of Hanoi, learn to play Nim, and find out about mathematical induction! Search for symmetries, play with fractions, and take home a dodecahedron! Suitable for children of all ages.

OC1.06 Warwick Enterprise, and Engineering: Sustainability and Saving the Planet

Come join Nikita Asnani, a woman in STEM, as she takes us through a game of Snakes and Ladders and a quick tour of the Smurfs Village to tell us more about it. This is a quick 5-10 minute introductory session happening at every hour: 12pm, 1pm, 2pm and 3pm. There will also be other tabletop science demonstrations to enjoy: top trumps, upcycling plant pots, designing your own sustainability superhero, sustainability donut engineering, and a sustainability pledge tree. There's a prize for the best superheroes and donuts!

OC1.07 Physics: The Sun, Stars and Planets Outside our Solar System!

Come along to talk to real astronomers from the University of Warwick about all things space! In this room we will be looking at how we observe stars in our universe, and how we detect other planets outside our solar system.

OC1.08 Family Chill Out Space with Board Games
OC1.09 Design Engineering Taster by the Engineering Society

Warwick University's Engineering Society will teach you about the importance of modelling in design engineering, and then you get to create your own model!

From 4pm:

Big Screen Cinema, Piazza
Join Warwick Film Society and Student Cinema Warwick on the piazza for a FREE screening of Flubber and FREE popcorn!