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Paper No. 07-20

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SD Jacka and AK Berkaoui

On Representing Claims for Coherent Risk Measures

Abstract: We consider the problem of representing claims for coherent risk measures. For this purpose we introduce the concept of (weak and strong) time-consistency with respect to a portfolio of assets, generalizing the one defined in Delbaen [7]. In a similar way we extend the notion of m-stability, by introducing weak and strong versions. We then prove that the two concepts of m- stability and time-consistency are still equivalent, thus giving necessary and sufficient conditions for a coherent risk measure to be represented by a market with proportional transaction costs. We go on to deduce that, under a separability assumption, any coherent risk measure is strongly time-consistent with respect to a suitably chosen countable portfolio, and show the converse: that any market with proportional transaction costs is equivalent to a market priced by a coherent risk measure, essentially establishing the equivalence of the two concepts.