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Centre for Research in Statistical Methodology

Centre for Research in Statistical Methodology (CRiSM)

Welcome to the CRiSM website. We hope you'll find the various research activities taking place as stimulating as we do. The philosophy of CRiSM is that maximum impact on statistics as a whole is best achieved by concentrating research and training on the methodological core of the discipline."
Professor Gareth Roberts, Director of CRiSM

CRiSM is based in the Department of Statistics and has been established to consolidate and strengthen the UKs pre-eminent position in the development of statistical methodology, and to support multi-disciplinary collaboration across a range of important statistical applications. The abundance of complex and often high-dimensional data sets in science industry and society creates difficult challenges and exciting opportunities for 21st century statisticians.

CRiSM offers multi-disciplinary collaboration for significant advances across a range of important applications. This includes:

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