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The research activities of CRiSM extend to the whole of the Department of Statistics and beyond. Here we list current, affiliated members of CRiSM, along with their main research interests.

CRiSM Management Team:

Professor Gareth Roberts Prof Gareth Roberts   Stochastic processes, computational statistics, Bayesian statistics and mathematical finance.
Professor Mark Steel Prof Mark Steel   Bayesian statistics and econometrics. Modelling of skewness. Spatial statistics. Model uncertainty. Semi- and nonparametric Bayes.

CRiSM Scientific Council:

Professor Jim Berger 

Department of Statistical Science, Duke University.

Professor Judith Rousseau rsz_judith.jpg

CEREMADE, Université Paris Dauphine

Professor Robin Henderson Professor Robin Henderson

School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Newcastle

Professor Guy Nason gnason

Department of Mathematics, University of Bristol.

Professor Nanny Wermuth nwermuth Department of Mathematical Sciences, Chalmers University of Technology.    
Professor Henry Wynn hwynn Department of Statistics, London School of Economics.