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More about Transferable Skills

Transferable skills at Warwick

Science students looking at dataEquipping scientists for the changing face of science in academia and industry, Warwick provides opportunities for students and staff to research across scientific disciplines.

Our sophisticated skills training allows us to ethically maximize the effectiveness of our research and researchers; our staff are recognised experts both in their own scientific careers and in the development of postgraduate students.

Transferable Skills training encompasses all Centres for Doctoral Training and all departments within Faculty of Science, Engineering and Medicine. Transferable skills courses are offered to both postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers.

Why are transferable skills so important?

Transferable skills are the skills that transcend all professions. They are the key to your professional success you in whatever fields or areas of research you pursue over the years. The skills are interconnected and reliant upon each other. If you can effectively demonstrate continual professional development in all seven skills, then this will greatly improve your employment prospects, how you are perceived by others and your overall life chances.

Female students working with robotic armWhat are the key transferable skills?

  • Technical - Technological competence and staying current with knowledge
  • Communication - Verbal, listening, writing, technical communication skills, using different medium for communicating
  • Critical Thinking - Problem-solving, analysis of possible solutions etc
  • Multitasking - Soft skills such as time management, organization skills etc
  • Teamwork - Working with others with different skillsets to get to the most desirable conclusion
  • Creativity - Ability to harnass creative ideas and turn them into tangible and strategic products/solutions
  • Leadership - Combination of all the transferable skills to get the most out of your team
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There are many staff across the University who work for or with the transferable skills programme. The team is led by Dr Daniel Franklin, and the programme Administrator is Louise Hockenhull.

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