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PGCTSS for PhD Students


Important information for Chemists, Biologists and Physicists

The Postgraduate Certificate in Transferable Skills in Science for Doctoral Researchers has been accredited by the Royal Society of Chemistry, the Royal Society of Biology and the Institute of Physics. Our program maps onto Chartered Chemist, Chartered Biologist and Chartered Physicist status. You can find all the relevant information here.

Format of PGCTSS

  • Take 6 modules over 3 years
  • Postgraduate Award of 3 modules
  • See PhD Programme for more information.
  • If you take 6 modules over 3 years you will more than meet the recommended 10 days of PGR professional development training a year.

Optional modules


  • These students, your dept will register you: Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Life Sciences, AS CDT, MathSys, Mathematics and Physics
  • Other students: register interest via this form
  • Individual modules: register via individual module page

Your portfolio

  • Your on-line portfolio forms the basis for the assessment and is a log of the evidence you have collected, the courses you have completed and the research you've undertaken.


  • Course Regulations
  • Assessment is by portfolio
  • Tasks are assessed by your Supervisor/feedback Supervisor or PhD Advisory Panel/Board
  • Modules are marked complete by your Director of Graduate Studies, or by Dr Daniel Franklin
  • Submit 6 modules for the Certificate and 3 for the Award.
  • You may submit more modules for consideration.