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PGCTSS for PhD Students

Format of PGCTSS

  • Take 6 modules over 3 years
  • Postgraduate Award of 3 modules
  • See PhD Programme for more information.

Optional modules


  • These students, your dept will register you: Chemistry, Complexity, Computer Science, Engineering, Life Sciences, MAS CDT, MASDOC and Physics
  • Other students: register interest via this form
  • Individual modules: register via individual module page

Your portfolio

  • Your on-line portfolio forms the basis for the assessment and is a log of the courses you have completed and the research you've undertaken.
  • For PG Cert or PG Award: Submit portfolio six weeks before the independent examiner's visit in November.


  • Course Regulations
  • Assessment is by portfolio
  • Tasks are marked off by your Supervisor.
  • Modules are marked complete by your Director of Graduate Studies, or by Dr Nikola Chmel
  • Submit 6 modules for the Certificate and 3 for the Award.
  • You may submit more modules for consideration.