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How to set yourself up for success and feel in control

I have spent the last months mentally consumed with collecting data and now that I have finished I am left with a big 'now what?' hanging over me.

The project management course helped me identify not only the next actions to take in my project, but also gave me strategies and a framework which I will now use to plan out the remainder of my PhD.

The brilliant part of the course is that strategies are clearly presented and then we are encouraged to apply the strategy directly to our projects. I walked away with a clear idea of how I need to set myself up for success and also I feel more in control over my PhD project, which in turn makes me feel deeply motivated.

My only suggestion is that the course be longer (perhaps 2 or 3 days) and that it should be compulsory for PhD students about 7 or 8 months into their projects. Overall the skill set I gained were absolutely invaluable.
CH958 Project Management

Thu 31 Jan 2019, 18:04 | Tags: CH958, project management