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Understanding Funding Opportunities for Research Technical Professionals (2021)

Understanding Funding Opportunities for Research Technical Professionals August 16th 2021 – Hosted by WASC

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The Warwick Analytical Science Centre (WASC) is hosting its first one-day meeting for research technical professionals, on the theme of ‘Understanding Funding Opportunities’. This will help our RTProf community understand more about the grant process and writing, funds that are available, university finances and institutional strategy. Delegates will come away with the tools and knowledge needed to apply for their own funding and to understand how their facilities can be included onto grants.

Tailored specifically for technical rather than academic staff, the day will feature talks and skills sessions from Warwick and MI-TALENT, as well as a Q&A session with the EPRSC:


10:00-10.30 Research Strategic Oversight (Prof. David Leadley, Deputy PVC for Research): Overview on institutional strategy, prioritization, and internal funding


10:30-11:30 Information Session with Research & Impact Services (RIS): Grant writing, funding bodies, costing, processes, and regular funding calls to be aware of


11:30-11:45 Introduction to Transparent Approach To Costing (TRAC) (Ryan Emery, Warwick Finance): What TRAC is, why it matters and how it ties into grant applications


Lunch Break 11:45-13:00


13:00-13:30 EPSRC: Presentation and Q&A session: find out about the work EPSRC is doing around RTProfs


13:30-15:00 Skills Session on ‘Influencing’ (Sandy Sparks, MI-TALENT): How to develop and improve your influencing skills


The day will be hosted online on Teams. If you are interested in attending, please register using the form and a calendar link will be sent out in advance.