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Gel Permeation Celebration - 28th April 2022

WASC, in conjunction with the Polymer Characterisation RTP, is hosting the Gel Permeation Celebration on 28th April at the University of Warwick - our first event targeted towards PhD students!

This conference is aimed at highlighting the importance of SEC/GPC to the work of PhD researchers, and will also be a great opportunity to meet and network with other scientists.

Talks are welcomed from PhD Students who use SEC in their research. Other techniques and synthesis are welcome obviously, however, we would love to hear how SEC has been useful to your research.

Those who wish to bring posters are also more than welcome. We will have several opportunities throughout the day for poster sessions and networking.

Unfortunately, we are limited to 50 participants in person, but we can have unlimited on-line attendees. For those wishing to attend online, Zoom links will be sent out and all are welcome! Priority will be given to PhD researchers for in person attendance, however, post doc and early career researchers are welcome to sign up.

Refreshments and lunch will be provided during the day.

We will be going for networking drinks after the event, if you would like to join and stay overnight, we can help you find accommodation but unfortunately will not be able to pay for it.

To register for FREE, please follow the link (top right), where there will also be options to submit abstracts for talks. All abstracts will be reviewed by our panel (below).

For specific enquiries, please feel free to email Dan ( and keep an eye on our Twitter for updates (@polymer_RTP and @WASC_Warwick)

On the day, please feel free to use the hashtag: #GelPermeationCelebration2022

Please see the proposed schedule below.






Registration and refreshments



Introduction (Dan Lester)

Dan Chair


PhD Talk (Caty Marsden, Loughborough)

"Macromolecular Dual Imaging Particles"



PhD Talk (Will Pointer, Warwick)


10.55 -11.30

Refreshments and poster



Careers Panel (Chris, James, Rachel)

"What options are available after a PhD?"

James Chair


PhD Talk (Maria Kariuki, Warwick)
"Applications of Asymmetric Field Flow Fractionation"



PhD Talk (Wai Hin Lee, Warwick)

"Size exclusion chromatography of (hyper)branched polymethacrylates"





And Posters



PhD Talk (Ben Drain, Warwick)

"Detailed GPC analysis of poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) with core cross-linked star architecture"

Rachel Chair


PhD Talk (Abhishek Rajbanshi, University of Hertfordshire)

"Temperature responsive engineered emulsion enabled by branched copolymer surfactants"



Refreshments and poster


Chris Chair


Plenary Speaker (Dr. Daniel Keddie, Wolverhampton)

"The Role of Advanced Characterisation Techniques in Polymer Synthesis via Precision Methods"



Closing Remarks


Organizing Committee:

Dr Daniel Lester (Polymer RTP Manager)

Dr Chris Waldron (Technical Specialist, WASC)

Dr James Town (Polymer RTP)

Dr Rachel Hand (Chemistry Research Fellow)

Register Here!

28th April 2022

Free to attend in person or online

Scarman House,

University of Warwick