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MWA Accelerator Project Symposium

The Monash-Warwick Alliance (MWA) accelerator project, entitled "Towards Better Electrocatalysts for a Greener Future", is an international collaboration between leading electrochemistry groups at the University of Warwick (UK), led by Prof Patrick Unwin and Monash University (Australia), led by Prof Jie Zhang. The project aims to rationally design new and efficient materials for renewable energy storage systems, developed through understanding the correlation between material properties and electrochemical activity.

The symposium will feature talks by world-leading researchers from Monash University, as well as discussions on the progress made from both institutions in regards to the project. Tea and lunch will be provided on the event (please confirm your attendance by 12 pm on Thursday (27th June)) and the programme schedule is as follows:

09:10 – 09:40

Morning coffee and tea

(Venue: MOAC - Seminar Room (Senate House, University of Warwick))

09:40 –10:20

Prof Alan Bond (Monash University)

Title: Applications of Fourier transformed AC voltammetry that provide new insights into thermodynamic, kinetic and catalytic aspects of polyoxometalate redox chemistry

10:20 –11:00

Dr Geoff West (WMG, University of Warwick)

Title: (to be confirmed)

11:00 –11:20

Refreshment break

11:20 – 12:00

Prof Douglas MacFarlane (Monash university)

Title: Prospects and Challenges in N2 reduction to ammonia

12:00 – 13:00


13:00 –13:40

Prof Jie Zhang (Monash University)

Title: Electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide

13:40 –14:20

Mr Gaël Gobaille-Shaw (University of Bristol)

Title: CO2 reduction at Pt1-xFex electrodes: An experimental and theoretical study

14:20 –14:40

Refreshment break

14:40 –15:20

Dr Minkyung Kang (University of Warwick)

Title: Correlative electrochemical multi-microscopic study of CO2 reduction on metal catalysts


Progress update and discussion for WMA accelerator project

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