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My other interests


I'm quite serious about it, and I really think there's enough expressive power on this medium to rival movies, or music, or books. At some point I want to start writing about it, I just need to find the time (and motivation) to set up a blog.


I like it! Almost everyone does, I know. I go to concerts whenever possible (in time/money/location terms).


I come from Brazil, so yes, football. I support Friburguense Atlético Clube, the team from my hometown. They are not particularly good, and now they're playing in the First League of the Rio de Janeiro State (ask me about the Brazilian League System one day if you have 10 minutes to spare). I play it myself, too, but just like my team I'm not particularly good.


None of my interests are really uncommon, as you might notice. But I think I read more than average for someone with a background on Engineering/Mathematics. I'm a big fan of David Foster Wallace, and I think I've read pretty much everything F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote during his life. Right now I'm trying to work my way through post-modern philosophy, but I'm stuck at Foucault.