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Erick Ratamero

Hello! My name is Erick. I come from Brazil and I study interesting things.

My main interest is in Mathematical Modelling of pretty much anything. In the last couple of years, I have worked with Evolutionary Game Theory, Innovation Theory, a bit of modelling for Sports Science. I have done mostly agent-based modelling in the recent past; my Ph.D., though, will probably differ from that. I welcome the challenge and think it will be a great opportunity to learn new tricks.

My current work deals with the FtsZ protein and its effects on membrane remodelling in bacteria.

You can read a short auto-biography here.

Academic History

2013 - Present:

  • PhD (Ongoing), Analytical Science, MOAC DTC, University of Warwick
    'Bacterial inner membrane remodelling by force generation of FtsZ fibres'
    Supervisors: Prof. Matthew Turner, Dr. Corinne Smith

2012 - 2013:

  • MSc, Erasmus Mundus Master in Complex Systems Science, École Polytechnique (France) and Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden)
    Mini Projects: 'Endogenization of Network Topology in Metamimetic Games', 'A Multiple-landscape Model on Innovation'
    More details here.

2004 - 2009:

  • B.Sc., Telecommunications Engineering, Universidade Federal Fluminense (Brazil)
    Final Project: 'Modeling Magnetic Resonance Clinical Reports of the Lumbar Spine using OpenEHR Archetypes'
    More details here.




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