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Lewis Egan

A little about me and AS:MIT

I did my first degree in Chemistry at the University of Warwick I particularly enjoyed modules that were analytical in nature, mainly because the studying for these modules usually involved applied knowledge and calculation rather than remembering endless facts or mechanisms, not to mention the fact I naturally found modules such as mass spectrometry more interesting. During the summer holiday after my 3rd year of Chemistry I decided to change from my Mchem course and do a postgraduate Masters in Analytical Chemistry instead, cue loads of last minute changes and rushing round by the staff of Warwick University (thanks guys).

I do appreciate the effort made to get me on to this course last minute as I have found it very interesting, although I must say it is very intensive and not for the work shy. The first half of the year was taught courses and I particularly enjoyed the mass spectrometry and electrochemistry modules because of the interesting theory and links to real world applications. The hardest part about the first half of the year is the amount of exams - it does feel like an onslaught at times, but once its over you feel a good sense of accomplishment. The second half of the year firstly involves a group project where you get told to analyse something and go off in your group and design, perform, present and write a report on the experiment and your results, this was extremely hectic and it actually felt like an episode of The Apprentice, due to the pressure and fast pace of the situation.

The second part of the last half of the year involves your individual project, this lasts for roughly about four months and is generally about applying everything you've learnt over the taught modules, including using new skills such as being very nice to your supervisor so you can get as much help as possible. It's very fun and refreshing to be doing research more independently and yet when you need help there is always someone on hand whether it be a supervisor, technician or fellow AS:MIT class member. Because the Chemistry department at Warwick has a very varied research base, the project options are quite vast, and the academics are very friendly; they are quite open to hearing your own ideas for projects (if you're brave enough!). One of the main things I've learnt duing this project is time management, its very important to plan what you're going to do or else you can easily end up working untill 9pm at night!

After this course has finished im not sure what I want to do, but im sure what ever career I end up pursuing I can use the skills, knowledge and new friends to help me succeed, it does sound corny but when I look back over the year I've definitely learn't a lot and met a lot of new people, and I would highly recommend anyone who is hardworking and enjoys analytical science to consider this course to be honest.