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Sun Joo Seo

The keen interest in analytical chemistry led me to continue studying since the first degree. I decided to enhance my knowledge about Analytical Chemistry in the AS:MIT course at University of Warwick. The study was quite challenging. My kind AS:MIT friends helped me to overcome all difficulties with ease and me make the most of what I can do. Thanks to them and also course director Dr Ann M. Dixon.


My AS:MIT Project

Identification and Characterisation of Streptomyces venezuelae Natural Products


The first important discoveries of antibiotics heralded the end of particularly infectious disease about 70 years ago and the half of these drugs discovered at that period is also utilised at the present. One of useful antibacterials, chloramphenicol derived from Streptomyces venezuelae. Subsequent researches have been processing to detect new products towards novel antibiotic because the majority of natural products is still not revealed.


For the research project, Streptomyces venezuelae bacteria grown in various media using sterile methods organically extracted in the optimised way in order to identify and compare between a wild type and mutant strain using ultraviolet spectra, thin layer chromatography, flash column chromatography and LC-MS.
Finally, I would like to thank my great supervisor Dr Christophe Corre.