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Interesting Links


R books (no longer maintained)

Bookdown - e-books created with R markdown, good quality and free!

Getting Help

programming Q & A site: Use tags to refine search, e.g. “[r] [ggplot2] remove legend title”.

more on getting help on R:

Finding out about R packages etc

R Seek:

CRAN task views: and Bioc task views:

R Bloggers: To subscribe to RSS feed, add following to your RSS reader:

Twitter: #rstats

Miscellaneous mentioned in last session

citation("pkgName") informs you how to cite a package that has been critical to your work; citation() gives the citation to use for R itself.

local graphics/help in web browser when working with R on remote sever:

beepr package: set to make a beep sound, e.g. to notify you when code that takes a while to run has finished.

viridis vs other colour scales: