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WDSI Events

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Upcoming WDSI events, and other Warwick data-science events:

This calendar's schedule is empty.

Past events:

WDSI 'Year of Big Data' Workshops

To celebrate the inauguration of the Warwick Data Science Insitute, five WDSI Year of Big Data workshops took place in 2014-15 in addition to the many other Data Science events at Warwick.

Alan Turing Institute: Scoping Workshops and Data Summits

In the period September 2015 to April 2016, the Alan Turing Institute (ATI) organised an extensive programme of Research Scoping Workshops and Data Summits which cover many aspects of the data-science research landscape.

Scheduled ATI Scoping Workshops and Data Summits with one or more Warwick organisers are listed in the WDSI calendar below. For the full list of Scoping Workshops and Data Summits, please visit the ATI website at

Warwick is one of the five partner universities in the Alan Turing Institute for Data Science, along with Cambridge, Edinburgh, Oxford and UCL.

A non-exhaustive list of past events:

Please send any corrections, or information on other events that should be included here, to <wdsi dot enquiries at warwick dot ac dot uk>.

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