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WDSI » Name and Logo Trivia

How to say "WDSI"?

Most of us at Warwick say it rather like the (American?) English word woodsy. Phonetically, that's probably /'woodzi/ or some such?

To hear someone say it: play the (10KB) sound file wdsi.mp3 (Audio clip)

About the WDSI logo

WDSI logo

The wave object that appears in the logo is a (heavily stylized) oscilloscope recording of an English male saying "WDSI".

Below is the original oscilloscope representation (in green, at the bottom of the picture), above which is the corresponding "sonogram" showing the main frequencies present at each time-point in the recording.


The recording and graphical analysis were made with Amadeus Pro (sound editing software, written by Martin Hairer).

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