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Case Study

Supporting Company

Altro Group plc

The Challenge

Business nowadays are all-the-more challenged to manage and reduce the mismatch between supply and demand. The growth of businesses’ footprints, globalization, emerging markets, economic downturn and the rise of competition, are jointly challenging the supply chain of firms by extending them and adding complexity. Consequently, this extension has resulted in deteriorating the visibility within the Supply Chains (SCs) making them advancingly challenging to manage.

The Outcome

This work combines three different methodologies of Segmentation, allocating manufacturing strategies with respect to crucial characteristics of demand, accompanied by tailored suggestions. The results of adopting a segmented Supply Chain Strategy are quantifies using Altro, and the results of inventory modelling showed a decrease of 58% in terms of value. The devised Segmentation tool does not only add to theory, but also to practice as it helps firms plan and control more effectively their Supply Chain related activities by examining key variables of the demand patterns toward maximisation of the overall performance of the SC.