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Case Study

Supporting Company

Premier Farnell’s Leeds DC

The Challenge

In a high-service electronic component industry, it is vital to stay competitive in order to meet customer needs that are increasingly demanding and diverse. Even though supply chain has become a phenomenal answer to a lot of related problems like this one, the topic of segmentation is still less cultivated as compared to other concepts in supply chain. Augmenting this topic will prove to be a fruitful effort in improving the performance of supply chain.

The Outcome

To combine the different product characteristics to manage them in an effective way, an innovative framework will be developed. Consumer packaged goods segmentation will be used to manage continuous-demand products, whilst spare-part segmentation will be used to manage intermittent demand products. These two segments is combined in the framework, and is refined with a set of tailored practices to optimise their management and adds to the theory of supply chain segmentation.