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Case Study

Supporting Company

Enterprise Resource Planning

The Challenge

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) was introduced to companies in order to enable them to achieve internal integration and interaction between the different functions. ERP requires firms to be fully integrated with the external world, while optimizing their internal and external processes, hence ERP can no longer meet actual needs of a competitive business. The challenge lies in overcoming this challenge of choosing an integration of functions that is the most effective.

The Outcome

A conceptual framework of supply chain software and applications is developed to give companies an overview of their own state in this technology. The theoretical framework and empirical testing of it has allowed researcher to look at future trends in this field. Supply chain software user, consultant, software developer were used for objectives to validate this framework. Research fills the gap between supply chain and information systems, and gives professionals and companies a combination of supply chain software and applications that can help them to manage supply chain effectively.