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Essay 1 - 9 (2)

Please read the essays again, and evaluate according to the following instructions which are the official instructions that Chinese markers are given when rating university entrance exam writing in English.

1. The maximum score is 25. Please rate according to five levels: (20-25) excellent; (15-20) good; (10-15) moderate; (5-10) poor; (1-5) very poor.
2. Evaluators should firstly narrow the holistic score down to certain level, and then confirm or adapt it by measuring the composition according to the requirements. After that, evaluators should give the final score.
3. 2 points should be deducted if the words are less than 120 or more than 180.
4. The following factors should be focused on in the evaluation: content, the quality and quantity of vocabulary and grammatical structure, coherence and language appropriateness.
5. Spelling and punctuation are relevant to language accuracy. Evaluators should consider how they influence the communication. Vocabulary spelling and usage of British and American English are both acceptable.

essay (1)
In China, many students play instruments for both hobby and a way to go to better school. However, some of students’ family think practice instrument may influence their kids’ study badly. But actually, that just an excuse for their poor grade.

For students, we aren’t professional instrument player, we needn’t pay more than 2h a day in training. Just such little time won’t influence you very much. Although you practice 3 hours a day, there are still at least 3 hours for you to spend. If you want to improve your study grade, you can use these 3 hours fully. A little of patriarches say the training of instrument may be distractive—-that’s not convictive at all. It’s just because he or she doesn’t put his or her attention on study.

It’s good that many students play instrument happily. But when someone want to blame instrument which “makes him distractive”, it goes so far. People play instruments instead of instruments playing theirselves and make you distractive.

essay (2)
I think music could facilitate my study in high school. Because it will be necessary for me to relax. If I am very exhausted for writing lots of homework, I can take my instrument and relax myself. On the other hand, the instrument can help me to go to a good university. Or rather, it is a good comfort for me that I have some way to decrease the minimum passing score. What is more, I think we join in the orchestra in the high school can broaden our horizen and tell us the importance of team work. Both of them are good for us during the high school. Either in our life or in study.

essay (3)
In my opinion, music could facilitate my study in high school.

I have played clarinet for ten years and it always brings me lots of enjoyment. I think there are many advantages. First, it can enrich my life and develop me ability in music. Second, it can help me to relax myself so that I could study well. Finally, it brings me lots of fun and it become a habit in my life.

I play in my school orchestra and there are some performers we take part in. In these activities, I can strength my confidence and abroaden my horizen.

Through all of these, I can pay attention for study more.

essay (4)
As a musical instrument player for years, I think music does facilitate my study in high school, more and less.

Let’s think it objectively; for a high school student, all that important is time, concentration and hard-working attitude. Some may think some “enjoyment”, for instance, music, will affect a student’s study in a bad way. In my opinion, I’m qualified to object that opinion.

First, time. Personally, I practice my own instrument after lunch or after school. To be honest, this makes me feel relaxed. Second, we can actually learn something from music. As a bass player, the most important thing I’ve learnt from double base is that is a man wants to be noticed, just lay low, keep low profile and the oppotunity will come for you. Then mastering an instrument takes time, so as the study. If you can master an instrument, which is very hard for some people, what else you can not do? Last, as well all know and felt, music makes people relaxed.

After all, you can learn a lot from music/musical instrument, and whatever it taught you can actually make a difference to your study, maybe for your life.

essay (5)
It’s known to all, music as an elequant treasure in the world has the power of spreading happiness or even more emotion and can be populared forever. As an instrument player, I’d like to list the both advantage and disadvantage of music.

First, music can throw my stress away magically. it must be a great comfort to listen to music when I am exhausted by study. What’s more, music can also be a abandon of people. As for me, I enjoy listening music while reading, when I surf on the internet in order to find some light music, there must be a recommander. We may talk all days if we think we are in common with music. This helps me meet a lot of friends. What’s the most important things I think is that China, a developing country, doesn’t pay more attention to the develop of music. There still have road to go. As teenagers, maybe we can make some differences.

But unfortuntely, practicing and learning do (分散) too much our (精力). To get more exerciese means we are occupied with practicing the same things one and one again while others are getting more new things. These may influence my altitude whether keep it up or not.

All in all, music could facilitate my study in high school, because when I’m tired of study, music can also be a great (支柱) of my life.

If someone doubt whether it faciliatete or not, I’d like to prove it by my action.

essay (6)
I hv played instrument over 10 years. Instrument accompanyed with me a lot of time and I also love it. But I don’t think instrument could facilitate my study.

First. It take many time for us to train. You need spend your time in training when others are studiing. Whether you played it for a univeristy or for favor, you also need time to train.

Second, instrument could affact your mind. One day you play not will, your mind may turn bad and it would drag your study. You will spend more time on it. Day in and Day out, your study will turn bad.

People also think, instrument could adjust your mind our study brain. I don’t think so. instrument could be your best friend and not be a tool to faciliatate your study.

essay (7)
Music couldn’t facilitate our study in high school

I don’t think music could facilitate our study in high school at all. First, I have to spend a lot of time in practicing playing the instrument. Besides, As far as I am concerned, it had been occupied with my Sunday afternoon and other spare time. I would have time in study. Although for the most student, they may be brodened their vision, I have little talent on it. It made my crazy. My classmates love it because they can get benefit from it. It’s really that it is a great comfort for them to practice.

I prefer to read books by GuLong rather than do it.

essay (8)
I think it’s a good topic for me. I’m studying in a music class now, and everyone can play an instrument. We should practice it by ourselves every day. And we have a offical practince every three days. Maybe some one said that she spend too much time on the instrument but not the knowledge. I’m not agree with it. I think when you study all day, you might feel tired from head to toe. In this situation, you are not able to study more. If you can play a movement you like, you can clam down and be relaxed. It good for you to keep it up for studying. So I think music could facilitate our study in high school, even our life.

essay (9)
I think music could facilitate my study in high school.

As a student, we have to suffer stress. So we need to do something to help us get relax. I think music can help us. when I play the instrument I’m so enjoy that I forget things make me unhappy. What’s more, music can enrich my life.

In conclusion, music is good for us.
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