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Language matters

Change your world with the power of languages

How do we build better relationships across cultures? How do we support endangered languages? How do we improve tools like speech recognition and translation software? How can we analyse massive amounts of data from different languages?

Applied Linguistics is the study of languages, exploring how languages work and evolve, and how we can use this insight for real-world applications. From day one, apply your learning to explore, challenge, understand, and find solutions.

We're one of the best universities for Applied Linguistics in the UK:

  • 10th in the UK for Linguistics (Complete University Guide 2023)

At Warwick, we're internationally recognised for the way we work across disciplines to make new discoveries. If you study alongside us, you’ll be infused with that same sense of discovery. We want you to embrace it inside and outside of the classroom.

Enjoy student societies that bridge the gap between the academic and the social, and share your linguistic leanings with like-minded people. Explore your surroundings, and find new ways to experience language. Deepen your understanding of the communications that make the real world go around. And develop a breadth of practical skills, making you ready to solve complex real-world problems.