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Undergraduate Degrees in Applied Linguistics

Be part of a dynamic interdisciplinary approach to the study of language a culture.

Applied Linguistics at the University of Warwick offers a unique approach to the study of language: we apply linguistic knowledge and theory to solve real-world problems. You will build an interdisciplinary foundation from leading research in language and communication. Then you will apply your learning to explore, challenge, understand, and address problems and find meaningful solutions. You will be constantly fascinated by the linguistic world around you, and you will be empowered to use language to improve your world.




Linguistics at Warwick is a unique community of passionate learners that think and act global. Every part of your experience here from seminars to research projects will enrich your cultural understanding and ability to connect your learning to the real world challenges of today.


We encourage all students to explore study abroad opportunities and push learning beyond boundaries. There are a number of transformational opportunities that will help you build up your knowledge of the subject, gain new skills and forge global connections.


Problem solving

Connecting the dots to solve global issues is in everything we do. Regardless of the programme you choose, your experience will be built on interdisciplinary problem based learning. From policy to practices, organisations, people and everyday perceptions, we cover all aspects of human life, empowering you to switch perspectives to see everyday challenges from every angle.


As you grow your ability to think critically and creatively about the complex and global issues of today you will open yourself to a number of career opportunities and will be supported with this crucial step of your journey

Research driven

Student led

Students are a central part of the Applied Linguistics research community, working in partnership with our world-leading academics to ask and answer questions that make real impact and challenge the status quo. Every part of your academic experience here is designed in a unique way to help build your confidence, research fluency and independence to see and make sense of linguistics in your own unique way.