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Dawn Neale

After completing my degree of a BA(QTS)hons with a drama specialism at Warwick University I went straight into primary teaching. A year later I decided to open my own youth theatre because I was missing working with a variety of children in the different forms of drama I enjoy. So Allesley Children's Theatre was born.

I spent the next two years teaching full time and running my youth theatre part time. Then, in the summer of 2005, I applied to do a part-time Masters degree in drama and theatre education at Warwick University. The decision was a difficult one but I felt that it would help me to decide which direction I would like my career path to take.

A year on and the masters has given me so much. I have met some fantastic people from many different backgrounds, experiences and countries, most of whom I will not lose contact with. I have also learnt much more about educational drama, which has strengthened even more my desire to always work with children and drama. Due to the support of the tutors and the fantastic friends I have made, it has been possible for me to do the course as well as continue with all my other commitments.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my first year of the masters course and am really looking forward to next year.

(Studying for MA in Theatre and Drama Education part time, 2006)